About Us

Architecture brought them together when they both chose charming tudor revival homes right next door to each other. They fell in love over the fence, and when they decided to get married, they renovated their first “flip” with tremendous success. Their personal and business partnership has worked so well, they can’t imagine doing anything else! Now they work together every day bringing vintage homes into the modern age.

Crystal Guistinello.

Mrs. Guistinello has extensive experience designing across a broad range of disciplines, but architecture and interiors have always remained a focal point. Majoring in art history at Wellesley College, Crystal focused her studies on the history of interior and landscape design, providing her a wide and rich perspective of home design through the centuries.

Tony Guistinello

Mr Guistinello has been renovating and remodeling residential properties for more than 30 years from both investment and business perspectives. His training and experience encompasses residential contracting and construction as well as real estate investment and valuation.

The RMH Design Ethos

Consistency, consistency, consistency.

If there was one word that we, as RMH designers would would repeat over and again it would be “consistency.” At RMH, we strive to incorporate beauty and functionality of new spaces within the overall existing design of the structure….to ensure consistency of the new with the existing. The end result of such labors are new spaces with modern functionality that fit seamlessly into the overall design and “feel” of your existing home.