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Running the Obstacle Course

It’s been a busy month. As we wind down this project, all of the small details must be attended to. The fixtures and finishes must be applied. Everyone has to pull together in a team effort to finish the project. Than God for our sub-contractors! Most of the sub-contractors we have known a long time. Some we are working with us for the first time. But they are working hard to pull it off.


Spring Glen Classic Cape– We’re Floored!

The existing hardwood floors on the first floor were in pitiful shape. Massive animal urine stains caused a large section of hardwood flooring in the living room to turn black. Coupled with mismatched hardwood widths from room to room along with a mismatched grain brought us to the conclusion that it all had to go.

We removed all of the hardwood on the first floor. In it’s place; brand new hardwood on both floors!
The flooring contractor was amazing. We think they did a beautiful job.


Spring Glen Classic Cape- The Rough Has Only Just Begun

The past three months have been busy… seemingly having passed within the blink of an eye. Work continued at a dizzying pace…despite a mini-heat wave! Logistics are always a concern. How to keep the sub-contractors supplied with what they need for the job to continue on time (and on budget!). Gantt is your friend.

Rough utilities and insulation were installed and inspected. Drywall was hung and taped. Next up, the installation of new wood floors.

Spring Glen Classic Cape-Tackling the Roof

The roof was one of the items that we knew early on, had to be replaced. What we had not planned on that there were multiple layers involved…far more than allowed by building code. At the time of the framing of the dormer it appeared the roof had a total of four layers of asphalt! That is double the maximum allowed by building codes. This presented logistical and cost problems; the added labor to remove the old roofing material and the added cost in carting the refuse away. In the end, there turned out to be three layers of roofing and not four. That brought the total weight on the roof down to almost 10 tons!

Thankfully our expert roofing professionals were able to remove all of the old roof. Everything was replaced with new materials, including waterproofing substrate and a new shingled roof with a lifetime warranty. Great job guys!

Spring Glen Classic Cape-The Transformation Begins

With the demo done, the real challenges begin. Our redesign not only calls for removal of several interior walls, but new framing as well, including a second floor dormer for the new upstairs full bath. Master carpenters Marty Carpentino and son Marty Jr. not only had to complete all of the framing specified, they also had to install a floor in what is going to be additional living space. Space that had previously been a a beautiful 3 season brick porch. The newly exposed first floor bath was reconfigured, going from a full bath to a half bath with washer and dryer space.

The first floor bath had a floor made of two layers of tile, thinset and concrete…commonly referred to as a “mud job.” With the multi-ton floor exhaustively removed by our demo team, the carpenters rebuilt the floor. New windows complemented the framing phase of the project.

Spring Glen Classic Cape-Demo Day

Demo Days!!! So good to get down to the bones of our new project. Getting together with good friends in the trades is like getting a band back together for another tour. Even Lil One got in on the action! I am excited to see the kitchen area opened up.

Spring Glen Classic Cape-New Project Spring 2019

Purchased in April 2019, this classic Cape Cod Colonial Revival in the heart of Spring Glen, Hamden will be a stunner! This house had only one bedroom and one bath! The interior was dated. The exterior was overgrown. Our design plans will transform this home into a 2,000 sq.ft.+ of living space with 3 Bdrms 2.5 baths with a first floor master suite!

Our plans also call for a complete removal and replacement of most of the plumbing and electrical with completely new heating and cooling systems.