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Spring Glen Classic Cape-Tackling the Roof

Spring Glen Classic Cape-Tackling the Roof

The roof was one of the items that we knew early on, had to be replaced. What we had not planned on that there were multiple layers involved…far more than allowed by building code. At the time of the framing of the dormer it appeared the roof had a total of four layers of asphalt! That is double the maximum allowed by building codes. This presented logistical and cost problems; the added labor to remove the old roofing material and the added cost in carting the refuse away. In the end, there turned out to be three layers of roofing and not four. That brought the total weight on the roof down to almost 10 tons!

Thankfully our expert roofing professionals were able to remove all of the old roof. Everything was replaced with new materials, including waterproofing substrate and a new shingled roof with a lifetime warranty. Great job guys!


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