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  • Kitchen-Bath-Full Home Renovations

    Restored-Redesigned Reimagined

    We restore beautiful vintage style homes using the latest technologies for modern convenience and efficiency. The end result is a restored and re-designed home with modern living in mind.

The Resto-Modern Home

The timeless appearance of the original, but all the outdated parts of the house have been replaced with today’s modern, high-performance components.

Architectual Revival

We search for unique homes; restore and redesign them. Our goal is to enhance the original design while modernizing them in layout, technology and efficiency for a new lease on life in today’s modern world.

Design Details

Our process of transforming a home includes meticulous attention to detail. Each item is chosen to provide quality modern function while enhancing the home’s design asthetic.

Modern Efficiency

Advances have been made in construction methods, materials, efficiency, and safety. We employ these advances in our homes making them a smart choice for today's home buyer.